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    Virtumed 360
    Virtumed 360
    Augment Patient Experience
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    Real Time visit
    Real Time visit
    With Augmented Reality
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    Doctors office
    Doctors office
    A Click away
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    With 360-degree perspective
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    Closing Gap
    Closing Gap
    On remote patient visit
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    Health network
    Health network
    At a click of a botton
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    Your time
    Your time
    Your Health..Your Doctor
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    With a human touch
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    Premium Care
    Premium Care
    For underserved world

Augmented Reality Medical Exam & Diagnostic system
A Real-time Immersive Physician-Patient Experience

Taking telehealth to the next level   

Bringing remote patient clinic visit into virtual reality through 3D visualization.
Healthcare access
 Increasing burdens on the industry continue to tighten accessibility and affordability of care. 
Avoiding complications
  A 360-degree perspective on healthcare
Avoid trips to the emergency room with the ability to remotely work alongside patients and other professionals in the ever-growing field of electronic health.
 Visualizing key body parameters to produce a map of the body that incorporates muscle, adipose tissue, and other organs. Through augmented and virtual imagery, treatment becomes more effective, affordable, and mobile. Examinations conducted thousands of miles away enable patients to keep their next appointment, whether they are traveling or at home. 
Overcoming the hurdles
Give underserved populations a second chance using full history and physical exam without patients being physical present. Practitioners, able to treat the rarest of illnesses, are available thousands of miles away. Virtual visits are available anywhere you go, without the use of harmful radiation.

The health industry is worth trillions of dollars annually but is bogged down by emergency care, readmission, and remote visits. Help cut costs and become more accessible to those in need with an interactive platform that is capable of changing the way medicine is practiced.
 Clinic visit at a click of a botton
  •  ​Portable
  • HIPAA compliant cloud based system
  • Reducing unnecessary ER Visits and hospital admissions

Features that create stronger practices and healthier patients
  • 3-dimensional views of patient body composition
  • Imaging and optical scanning technology
  • Incorporating a fully integrated, scalable device with wearable device API portal
Benefiting to physicians, practices, and businesses; join a dynamic team determined to increase health care at all levels.
  •   ​Create a biofeedback system
  • Improve health in under-served areas
  • Enhance patient motivation and compliance
  • Maximize flexibility of patient care
  • Add virtual reality to telehealth

Invest on the future or reality....

At Virtumed 360, a team of innovative leaders are leveraging their years of industry experience and research to bring remote patient visits into virtual reality - remote patient visits will be crucial to the health care industry.
Our concept takes Telemedicine technology to a next level and will raise bar on safety, compliance and outcome, regardless of location and distance at an affordable price. Virtumed 360 will be portable, easy to use, will fit in any physician's office, and is a Cloud-based system.
We are inviting investors to join us in developing the Virtumed 360 concept that disturbs the current in-office patient visits by taking deploying state-of-the-art telemedicine. In 2014, the global medical imaging equipment market was estimated at $24.1 billion, with the largest share being in North America.
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